At Murray & Josephson, we have been providing accounting services to the entertainment industry for many years. We understand the quirks of the entertainment business and can help you steer clear of financial pitfalls and manage windfalls when they happen.

In short, we take care of the forms and filings so you can concentrate on your creative endeavors. Our services include:


  • Business Advisory Services – We will advise you on many aspects of your business, including record keeping, paying bills, financing projects and managing your income.
  • Tax Planning and Preparation – We will help you create a plan to minimize your taxes and prepare all tax filings — from quarterly tax statements to 1040s.
  • Multi-state and International – We have vast experience dealing with entertainers who have earned income in various states and countries.
  • Structuring Business Entities – We can advise you on the setup of business entities — such as loan-out corporations and LLCs — in a way that will limit your liability and protect your assets.
  • Preservation of Assets – We understand the volatile nature of the entertainment business and can help you plan for downturns, disability and retirement.

Who We Serve
We have experience serving a wide variety of people and businesses in the entertainment industry including performing artists, models, talent managers, casting agencies, writers and production companies. Additionally, we serve creative people in related fields, such as artists and photographers.